We need to change the world

Are you a person committed to your environment?
You think that a better world is possible?
the time has come to ask you and I, What I can do?

Your, and only you can start changing things around you.

How to move those changes will advance, you'll have fun and learn through social projects, sports, cultural and environmental.

With your help we'LL GET A BETTER WORLD

What I have to do to volunteer Moving the Planet?

Send your request by going directly to the form that is at the bottom of this page. When we receive your information, our team will contact you, that easy.

Do I have to have some particular profile?

If you get here ... you are the profile we are looking! No es necesario ningún perfil ni formación determinados.

How long do I have to devote to volunteering?

You choose the time you want to devote to the project you choose.

* In some cases if a minimum time commitment will be needed per event or project.

fill the form, and begins to move the world