We are an independent organization, speaker makes those initiatives and actions that aim to make this world, a better world. Y a su vez genera acciones con el mismo fin.

We work to generate awareness movement, influence and action.

We help create and amplify solutions and benefits for our planet and its inhabitants; flora, fauna y ser humano.

Our idea of ​​a better world is a world full of Solidarity people. They do not move for nothing, sino por la simple satisfacción del bienestar y beneficio ajeno.

The sustainability It is essential for a better world. Sustainability understood as the balance between economic growth, care of the environment and social welfare.

We distinguish three types of sustainability, all essential for achieving our goal.

  • The environmental sustainability, aims to preserve biodiversity without having to give up the economic and social progress.
  • Por economic sustainability, entendemos todas aquellas actividades que buscan que la sostenibilidad ambiental y social sean rentables.
  • Y la social sustainability, seeking cohesion of the population and stability thereof.

Creemos en el movimiento como motor fundamental para el cambio. Sport is a key piece, that helps us maintain our physical and mental health.

“If health is the goal, movement is the key”