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PURPOSES. Talks Moving conclusions in the era of the COVID-19

PURPOSE, Do we reinvent ourselves? PART I

Talk Moving the first following this global crisis we are experiencing, They came some interesting purposes in order to implement a near future post-crisis.

The general conclusion was that this crisis is a great opportunity to reverse the pyramid of values ​​with which we lived so far, and put life on the basis of the same. This crisis is giving us the opportunity to change many things and reinvent ourselves in a more caring and sustainable system and society, with movement as the main tool.

The participants in this first Moving Talk in the COVID-19 era made the following proposals:

Eduardo Galvan: Sticking up for Community consumption. consume, as far as possible, of our, Homegrown products and products proximity.

José Alberto Hernández: We learn to eat well.

Claudia Auladell: start thinking about our vote as a useful tool for the society we want.

Yaiza Guimaré: rediscover Planet Earth. Sintámoslo, recover contact with our Mother Earth.

Lucho Lossendire: we strengthen the education of the smallest in the values ​​of Moving The Planet; solidarity, sustainability and sport.

Karla Erauzkin: Let this crisis, it is worth.

Ruyman Trujillo: sport get closer to the most disadvantaged groups. The Jungle Move this project offers.

Carlos Armas: We contrast the information and we promote the accuracy of the data.

You can see all the talk in our youtube channel.

PURPOSE, Do we reinvent ourselves? PART II

The second Moving Talk in coronavirus time, it was successful again. This time, we have the collaboration of four experts in the fields of journalism, neuroscience and education.

Very interesting reflections, what can you see in our youtube channel.

The purposes they set out are as follows:

Ferdinand Timon, journalist and television presenter, made reference to the informative responsibility that we have as individuals.

Antonio Ruíz, neuroscientist, encouraged us to generate synergies in all areas, with the conviction of the enrichment that implies. Because together we are stronger.

Eva Andrade, teacher for all age ranges, since generation Z, until the third age. She proposes the digitization of education. Without neglecting the real contact and the importance of socialization. And he especially emphasized the need for equal access to digital resources.

Miggy C., tv presenter and stockbroker. He shared with us his peculiar way of seeing life. And it certainly inspired us and generated hope in our hearts. Miggy proposed not to lose this new habit that we are generating as a result of the quarantine. He proposes that we continue talking, listening, sharing…being more human.

From Moving The Planet we are tremendously grateful for the participation of the experts, and for the welcome you are giving them from home. It is a pleasure to share these spaces. With people like that there is hope. THANK YOU!!

PURPOSE, Do we reinvent ourselves? PART III

The third Moving Talk in the confinement field obtained historical audience record, with a peak of 336 people connected live. The protagonists were the young, Millennials and Generation Z showed a positive attitude towards change, with an optimism subject to a solid argument.

They left us really interesting reflections, what can you see in our youtube channel.

The purposes they set out are as follows:

Miriam Lazaro, video manager of the newspaper ELPeriódico de Catalunya. He proposes to apply the critical and understanding gaze.

Alba Rey, student, encourages us to be more optimistic and to become more aware of the power of individual actions to influence globality.

Marcos Nacar, dancer, He doesn't want us to forget, and emphasizes the importance of constantly questioning productivity and the culture of success.

Helena Oller, content distributor in Filmin, proposes to have greater awareness of belonging to a society as a group and to the planet, that welcomes us.

PURPOSE, Do we reinvent ourselves? PART IV

Maria Alcazar, senior technician and european master in dietetics and nutrition. Proposes to promote the consumption of local and local products.

Elva Jiménez, Coach and entrepreneur bets on sports education, based on emotions, the values ​​and culture of effort.

Angel Sanz, sports entrepreneur, believe in the purpose economy as the only option as of now. Not looking for the business with the sole objective of generating profits, but the contribution in values, social aspects, environmental, of health…

Valentina Raffio, journalist specialized in science, environment and critical thinking. Encourage critical thinking and bet on reflective journalism.

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