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Moving the first charity market Planet

Moving the Planet in collaboration with Jungle Move brings the "Market Solidario" project to bring the fundamentals of Moving, which they are solidarity and sustainability sport, as far away as possible.

The aim is to sell things provided by workers and customers Hara Sport Center and residents of the municipality of Santa Ursula. The idea is that everyone involved give way to the flea market objects, clothing, jewelry or anything that no longer use and can be reused by others. This is to help us be aware of all the things we have, We do not give them use and whether they could be exploitable by others.

This market will be held every two months in the first days of the month Touch. The location of the market will be at the entrance of Hara Sport Center, It is freely accessible to anyone who wants to go, whether they are partners or facilities.

The first celebration of this market will take place next Friday 10 of May, from 08:30 the morning until 10:00 of the night.

The collection of material donations begin from the day of placing advertising poster or intended for the event until the day of the celebration of the market. Just have to go through reception to label the product.

The goal of collecting this market it is intended to annual project of the organization Moving The Planet, #ObetivoTailandia, which it aims to help elephants have been enslaved for tourism, agriculture or have been in captivity or exploited by the entertainment industry. With the proceeds to the reserve Kindred Spirit will help Sanctury. This book is a clear example of ethics and respect for both the animal and by surrounding communities.

Finally it is recalled that in Hara Sport Center is available a repository where anyone can collaborate to provide a bit and work for a just cause like this.

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