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The toughest race, the Ultramarathon Transvulcania, it is an event Moving the Planet

Moving the Planet is a social project, a human movement based on three pillars, the Solidarity, sustainability and sport. Under this umbrella, the goal is to change the world through actions involving movement. To imagine, create and organize actions that combine sustainable development, sport and improve the quality of life for all, promoting the sustainable side, social and sports people, are the keys to the cause Moving the Planet

Transvulcania, the toughest ultramarathon Canary mountain and one of the most important in Spain, which it is part of the World Series Migu Run Skyrunnner, within racing Supersky, and they attract the best athletes in the sport, already part of the family Moving the Planet.

In an environment like the island of La Palma, where the test is developed, sustainability is an important factor to reduce as much as possible, the footprint produced during development thereof. Factors such as erosion prevention, care of natural resources, energy efficiency and waste management, are some of the values, who share the movement Moving the Planet and Transvulcania ultramarathon.

Another shared values ​​is the practice of sport and Moving the Planet internalizes and reflects, as a basis for improving the quality of life of people. Clearly regular physical activity, projection extends life in a person, providing multiple health benefits, as, We not only physically improvement, but extreme exercise releases endorphins, which they are neurotransmitters that promote feelings of well being, relieve the stress, improves sleep and increases self-esteem in people. And Transvulcania itself is the essence of sport, physical exercise, overcoming, fellowship, cooperation, elevated to the highest level, in an international test, leader in the demanding world stage racing world physically.

Transvulcania, trail running race most spectacular planet, by the beauty and harshness of their journey and Moving the Planet, convey the essence of supportive values, Extrapolating that multiple actions to support such important causes as child care, actions to contribute to the regeneration and preservation of the heritage of the island of La Palma, and many others, intended to be the basis of other valuable human values ​​such as friendship, respect and tolerance.

Likewise, Transvulcania has become a benchmark in terms of tourism for the island of La Palma, placing the Canary Islands, as an icon not only sun and beach tourism, but adds attractive to tourists looking for nature, culture and sport. The proof, It is already a landmark for elite athletes around the world, and racing fans mountain, by the unusual beauty of its route its extreme hardness and possibilities to enjoy with the family, the charms of the Isla Bonita and clear skies.

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