This next 2 February we have a very special event and reaching the Carrera IV Night of La Caleta de Adeje. A test existing sports 5 Y 10 km away, It joins the test "2 km confidence" returning for the second consecutive year event “Moving the Planet”, a social career, sustainable and inclusive.

The race 2 km confidence tests the participants in order that they can experience firsthand that to which every day must face blind. A test that is to strengthen the bond between children and adults, besides having fun, discover and feel.

The intention with the test is that the child feels the responsibility to guide an adult, the adult believes in the child, the child feel useful and part, learn concepts such as integration, The overcoming, values ​​of solidarity and to do so with the practice of sport. For it, the runner will have to go with a mask and be guided by someone else, preferably less and if possible, by his own son or daughter.

This year will repeat participation Jesús Hernández, presenter Spain youngest sports, whole "Influencer" so 10 years, which will involve leading his father ( Moving the Planet movement and the Neighborhood Association, Event organizer, You want to make visible the values ​​on which the test is based are: the Solidarity, sustainability and sport.

Likewise, all the proceeds, It will be destined to the project to convert the neighborhood of La Caleta in European Healthy Heart, obtaining the certificate attesting the European Foundation for Health, Research and Education (European Foundation For Health, Research and Education).