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Interview Ascen Rodriguez

We opened our interviews Moving the Planet in style with Ascen Rodriguez, Minister of Sports of the Cabildo Insular de La Palma to answer us a few questions about Ultramarathon Transvulcania Naviera Armas.

First we would like to congratulate the entire organization, Transvulcania sponsors and participants Naviera Armas to enter Ultramarathon Family Moving the Planet and to show everyone that with small actions and movements positive we can improve the world around us.

We are an international race Trail which shares all pillars Moving Planet: physical activity, sustainability and solidarity are welcome, we want to know a little more about you and everything that comes in the next edition.

For inicirar and get a general idea of ​​the test and its participants, of the 3.600 runners:

How is the test? What different categories there?

Transvulcania is one of the most important races on the world scene. There are now eleven editions, with this year, and is proof that both elite runners, as popular, They have marked their Calenario year after year.

And if that was not enough, this year we for the first time Supersky Race, few races on the circuit can be and give you double points and twice in the premier awards, the ultramarathon.

Transvulcania is an international career. Proof of this are the more than 60 nationalities were represented at the start of the last edition of its four modes, ultramarathon, marathon, mediamaratón and vertical kilometer.

Children also have their hollow Transvulcania Kids-Jun ior. In this way we promote the future of the trail at our event.

For us it is very important the fact inspire others, How do you think inspired from Transvulcania both athletes and the public?

I think the place in which it develops Transvulcania, the island of La Palma, It is ideal for this sport. their paths, landscapes, summits, make run for their sites is a unique experience. If we asked at the finish line to any runner who has run his first Transvulcania, if he is willing to return, at 99,9% cases we say yes. There are very few races where you can enjoy these landscapes out at sea level and crowning the summit of the island and then embark on a dizzying descent to the finish line.

We also noticed the palmero audience are those who give heat to all runners, from the first to the last. Palm hobby is another factor that make this event an unforgettable experience.

To us this clip has put us the willies:

athletically speaking, to our readers, What would stand out of this incredible race Trail?

As I said earlier there are several factors that have led to this event to the world's top sport, but certainly both the fans, as the beauty of the island make everyone who wants to try to repeat the following year.

It is no accident that year after year we exhaust all forms ridges and will gather on the island 3.600 runners, companions, family, etc…

What initiatives / actions make the Transvulcania is becoming more sustainable year is in balance with nature surrounding the test?

For us, respect for the environment is paramount. Each issue we try to raise awareness among runners and the general public on environmental protection. In each refreshment we do selective waste collection, as well as the main centers of public. further, We also favor collective mobility on public transport to get reduce vehicle use, both participants, as for the general public during the test day.

At the aid stations also we use compostable plates and cutlery, to try to reduce the use of plastic to the maximum.

Always we start from the basis that we have to take care of our greatest asset, which they are our natural wealth. It makes this a unique event in the world.

What might be the next steps for future editions?

In each issue we try to go a step further in caring for the environment. In this issue we are working on new shares soon desvelaremos. So far this year we have joined the movement Moving the Planet as it promotes values ​​that are closely linked to which we have been promoting for years in our event.

As we know Transvulcania also has a strong social impact on local projects that, Can you tell a bit more about them?

Yes, in each edition we have a social purpose, so to speak. We have made donations to the Spanish Association Against Cancer, since our bit to reforest the area burned by the fire, We have also collaborated with the Canarian Institute of Blood Donation to encourage blood donation event ... We tried to do our bit to get a better society at all levels.

Mar, Montana, fire, air and water. Nothing is missing in this race, as knowledgeable of the island and career, Can you highlight a landscape / scenery / point of each of these elements to discover in La Palma if we both ran like to enjoy the race?

If we talk about sea, we can highlight from the Faro de Fuencaliente, in which the nerves are raw skin, or pass through the port of Tazacorte, before tackling the final climb to the finish line where hundreds of people gather to give the final push.

Fire is clear, Volcanoes Route along which part of the race offers a most unusual landscapes for people outside arrivals. Picón black color that contrasts with the green Canary Island pine creates a peculiar stamp.

Novelties, which can reveal, We meet at the Transvulcania 2019?

As you know we always have surprises in store. Each year we work to prepare the best possible Transvulcania and always outdo. Very soon we will be unveiling.

With what 3 words describe the test?

Fire, hardness and beauty.

What makes it unique to the Transvulcania?

The beauty of its landscapes and the warmth of your hobby.

Ascen thank you for your answers.

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