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Last friday 7 June second global talks were held within our project Moving Talk in which cohesion and reflection on sustainability and sport, They played a leading role.
Sport Expo Tenerife, It held in Tenerife Capital, Talk hosted our second Moving to develop under the slogan "Say no to waste when you practice sport"

8 people related to the world of sport, sustainability or health, They intervened in 1 hour and a half at this round table to search joint solutions to a major current problem as is the waste disposal in the various sporting events.

The assistants, agreed that, every day is a smaller amount of polluting waste in sporting events, road or mountain shorter distance. But nevertheless, unsustainable waste is used, a lot of them are generated in a very short time, there is mismanagement of the same by organizations, composting plants in the Canary Islands are nonexistent, there is a vague awareness about, Y, also, there is very little support from the relevant government agencies.


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Thank attendees, different interventions, involvement and participation, soon will be held the third talks Moving Talk, If you want to participate do not hesitate to contact us.

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Moving the first charity market Planet

Moving the Planet in collaboration with Jungle Move brings the "Market Solidario" project to bring the fundamentals of Moving, which they are solidarity and sustainability sport, as far away as possible.

The aim is to sell things provided by workers and customers Hara Sport Center and residents of the municipality of Santa Ursula. The idea is that everyone involved give way to the flea market objects, clothing, jewelry or anything that no longer use and can be reused by others. This is to help us be aware of all the things we have, We do not give them use and whether they could be exploitable by others.

This market will be held every two months in the first days of the month Touch. The location of the market will be at the entrance of Hara Sport Center, It is freely accessible to anyone who wants to go, whether they are partners or facilities.

The first celebration of this market will take place next Friday 10 of May, from 08:30 the morning until 10:00 of the night.

The collection of material donations begin from the day of placing advertising poster or intended for the event until the day of the celebration of the market. Just have to go through reception to label the product.

The goal of collecting this market it is intended to annual project of the organization Moving The Planet, #ObetivoTailandia, which it aims to help elephants have been enslaved for tourism, agriculture or have been in captivity or exploited by the entertainment industry. With the proceeds to the reserve Kindred Spirit will help Sanctury. This book is a clear example of ethics and respect for both the animal and by surrounding communities.

Finally it is recalled that in Hara Sport Center is available a repository where anyone can collaborate to provide a bit and work for a just cause like this.

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Locate the problem in order to seek, expose and develop joint solutions.

Last friday 29 March the first global talks within our project Moving Talk on dialogue and unity were the big winners were held.
Tenerife North, Madrid, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Tenerife South were the places chosen to present our first topic to develop under the slogan "cigarette butts, 2 minutes in your mouth, 12 years in the environment "

More than 35 people stopped their lives for an 1 hour and a half to seek joint solutions to a major current problem such as tobacco consumption and its social and environmental consequences.

After all the talks and the sharing, we can say that there were two essential words in all the meeting places: CONSCIOUSNESS, EDUCATION.
The main conclusion of all the talks was that the fundamental problem is the lack of education from the bottom up, be it through families, awareness campaigns or on the part of schools and public bodies,

The different participants proposed a number of specific solutions to believe may be carried out in places where the performed Moving Talk, The different participants proposed a series of specific solutions that they believe can be carried out in the places where the Moving Talk took place. Definitely, small proposals can create big solutions..

In the survey that follows, you will be able to vote for the proposal that you consider to be the most urgent or the best way to eradicate the consequences of tobacco in our health and our environment., Your decision counts:

Rate the proposal they consider most urgent or the best way to eradicate the consequences of snuff on our health and our environment

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After these first talks we can do nothing but thank you for all the support and interest in participating in our project, Soon the second Moving Talk will take place, ,. if you want to join us.

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The next Friday 29 March the first round tables worldwide framed in our new project "Moving Talk" will take place.
The snuff and its social and environmental consequences will be the first issue to be addressed by 7 movers, including a driver included, whose lives or professions they are related to or are affected by the consumption of this substance by much of society.
"cigarette butts, 2 minutes in your mouth, 12 years in the environment ", name of this first edition of Moving Talk will be held in five cities simultaneously so that the message reaches as far as possible and with all the strength it deserves. Madrid, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Tenerife North and Tenerife are the places chosen to start this project on Friday 29 March in which it was aware on the consequences of snuff for consumer health and for the people around them, and the consequences it has on the environment.
After completion of the act an act shall be drawn up in each of the sites and will be shared through social networks Moving the Planet so that all treaty is not forgotten.

And you, How important do you think is discussing this type of problem to change things?
Do not hesitate to register to attend as a public, your opinion matters to us.

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Our platform is undertaking a new initiative, worldwide project to be held in major cities and countries around the world for global awareness on issues of vital importance, encouraging citizen participation in finding solutions to the major problems of the planet.
This is a project whose aim is to travel around the world so that the message Moving the Planet reaches all corners of the globe, creating an inspiring movement.

Moving Talk is a series of talks an hour and a half approximately roundtable format, the topics are directly related to the three pillars of our movement: The sustainability, sport and solidarity, approached from a global perspective that allows an international Union for improvements and solutions that can benefit everyone.

These innovative talks will consist of seven members, personas movers, whose lives or professions are related to the topic at hand directly or indirectly, allowing them to have experiences and opinions to contribute and to expose and direct their thoughts to the audience, Jig and getting your message and serve as inspiration for change. Within this group there will be the presence of a driver / moderator responsible for directing the conversation, adopting an impartial stance and asking questions to the "movers" to go deeper into the theme of each lecture and should enable all participants.

The Moving Talks will be assisted, up to 30 people who will be part of an active public, which may raise doubts, views and comments at the end of the exposure of the components of the round table, thus enriching the debate with more views and covering all sections of society so that no one is left out.

Following the completion of each of the talks an act with all the points and draw possible conclusions drawn. These records will be shared across all social networks Moving the Planet so that the message reaches as many people as possible and begin to create change that promote Talks Moving.

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This next 2 February we have a very special event and reaching the Carrera IV Night of La Caleta de Adeje. A test existing sports 5 Y 10 km away, It joins the test "2 km confidence" returning for the second consecutive year event “Moving the Planet”, a social career, sustainable and inclusive.

The race 2 km confidence tests the participants in order that they can experience firsthand that to which every day must face blind. A test that is to strengthen the bond between children and adults, besides having fun, discover and feel.

The intention with the test is that the child feels the responsibility to guide an adult, the adult believes in the child, the child feel useful and part, learn concepts such as integration, The overcoming, values ​​of solidarity and to do so with the practice of sport. For it, the runner will have to go with a mask and be guided by someone else, preferably less and if possible, by his own son or daughter.

This year will repeat participation Jesús Hernández, presenter Spain youngest sports, whole "Influencer" so 10 years, which will involve leading his father (www.jesushf.com). Moving the Planet movement and the Neighborhood Association, Event organizer, You want to make visible the values ​​on which the test is based are: the Solidarity, sustainability and sport.

Likewise, all the proceeds, It will be destined to the project to convert the neighborhood of La Caleta in European Healthy Heart, obtaining the certificate attesting the European Foundation for Health, Research and Education (European Foundation For Health, Research and Education).

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The toughest race, the Ultramarathon Transvulcania, it is an event Moving the Planet

Moving the Planet is a social project, a human movement based on three pillars, the Solidarity, sustainability and sport. Under this umbrella, the goal is to change the world through actions involving movement. To imagine, create and organize actions that combine sustainable development, sport and improve the quality of life for all, promoting the sustainable side, social and sports people, are the keys to the cause Moving the Planet

Transvulcania, the toughest ultramarathon Canary mountain and one of the most important in Spain, which it is part of the World Series Migu Run Skyrunnner, within racing Supersky, and they attract the best athletes in the sport, already part of the family Moving the Planet.

In an environment like the island of La Palma, where the test is developed, sustainability is an important factor to reduce as much as possible, the footprint produced during development thereof. Factors such as erosion prevention, care of natural resources, energy efficiency and waste management, are some of the values, who share the movement Moving the Planet and Transvulcania ultramarathon.

Another shared values ​​is the practice of sport and Moving the Planet internalizes and reflects, as a basis for improving the quality of life of people. Clearly regular physical activity, projection extends life in a person, providing multiple health benefits, as, We not only physically improvement, but extreme exercise releases endorphins, which they are neurotransmitters that promote feelings of well being, relieve the stress, improves sleep and increases self-esteem in people. And Transvulcania itself is the essence of sport, physical exercise, overcoming, fellowship, cooperation, elevated to the highest level, in an international test, leader in the demanding world stage racing world physically.

Transvulcania, trail running race most spectacular planet, by the beauty and harshness of their journey and Moving the Planet, convey the essence of supportive values, Extrapolating that multiple actions to support such important causes as child care, actions to contribute to the regeneration and preservation of the heritage of the island of La Palma, and many others, intended to be the basis of other valuable human values ​​such as friendship, respect and tolerance.

Likewise, Transvulcania has become a benchmark in terms of tourism for the island of La Palma, placing the Canary Islands, as an icon not only sun and beach tourism, but adds attractive to tourists looking for nature, culture and sport. The proof, It is already a landmark for elite athletes around the world, and racing fans mountain, by the unusual beauty of its route its extreme hardness and possibilities to enjoy with the family, the charms of the Isla Bonita and clear skies.

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The Moving Planet will be this Saturday at the fair in La Orotava Infinity

This Saturday 6 October will take place in La Orotava, V Centenario in the square, la IV Infinity Sport Intersport, a fair dedicated to the sport where different sports will be focused and will bring together leading athletes in the regional panorama.

La Infinity Sport, which will begin at 10 morning and will conclude after 20:00 hours, will feature multiple sports activities, exhibitions, solidary run, contests, tournaments, games, circuits and steeplechase, among other things. For all ages and ages.

It will also carry out solidarity activities such as charity race in favor of Pichon Trail and multiple sclerosis. While the mini duathlon will be named Liam Tarpey Fumero, in his honor.

All information in this activity can be followed through the web feriadeldeporte.es, Facebook 'Infinity Sport International Sports Fair', del Twitter ‘@fidesports’, and Instagram '@Feriadeldeporte'.

The renowned athlete Sonia Prieto is the godmother of this great sporting event, which is consolidated as one of the highlights of the North. The initiative is sponsored by the City of La Orotava, the Cabildo de Tenerife, Intersport, Intersport, Cave Drawings and Hospitén.

There will be located in two stands Moving The Planet and Hara Sport Center, with representation from your system with training Jungle Move.

In our area, our companion producer Kikazaru 360, Pedro Cedrés, You will perform a Thai-themed painting which will represent an elephant in a large format canvas, live from the 10:00h.

This painting when done, It will be auctioned and the proceeds will be used for our project Objective:Thailand to help protect this species and its environment through an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, el Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary.

We hope you will encourage and pass by our stand and if you are interested in acquiring the painting do not hesitate to contact us.

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Moving the planet and Humana Foundation will be on the Spartan Race de Mallorca

Next Saturday 3 March held in Palma de Mallorca a new edition of the Spartan Race, a major obstacle to international level. For second consecutive Year, several containers will be installed in the vicinity of the test, where participants and attendees will donate all kinds of clothing and footwear.
This joint action will be possible thanks to the collaboration of the Humana Foundation and the association Moving the planet, who are responsible for doing projects that contribute to the environmental reality and improve the planet.
Humana People to People Foundation promotes from 1987 environmental protection and carry out cooperation projects in different countries, with the aim of promoting training, The education, training and progress of the beneficiary communities. The foundation, at the same time, It has local support programs and awareness in Spain.
Moving the planet is a social project being developed to try to change the world through actions involving movement. With the aim of promoting sports and environmental care, and promoting important values ​​such as solidarity, recycling, mobility or teamwork, It engages in various initiatives that have the common goal to create a better world.

One more year, Jesus HF is the main image of this campaign, a continuation of a project that promotes child mobility, Multiple actions taken throughout the year. Presenter Spain youngest sports and give more strength to the project and will multiply the impact and visibility of this solidarity action.
Collaborating with this initiative you will be helping to create a better world. Remember that small actions can change the world.

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Action Moving the Planet in Tenerife

Hara Sports Center Sport Center in Tenerife (St. Ursula) hosts a special training every Thursday Jungle Kids, where children can work different qualities each week. Children between 5 Y 14 years can attend these fun classes totally free, thus promoting sports and children's mobility.

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