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MovingthePlanet Y Junglemove se han unido en el proyecto #objetivotailandia, the purpose is to help in the rehabilitation of elephants that have been in captivity, and have suffered some kind of abuse.

So after researching and know that there are a lot of false shrines in Thailand, focus our search sanctuaries and organizations that really have an ethical activity with elephants, fighting for integrating them in their natural habitat without having to make any kind of show or work for tourists.

Unfortunately, in many other places in Thailand, make believe visitors and volunteers who are helping the cause of these animals, when then there is exploitation and exercised control over them contradicts what really looking for the cause of an elephant sanctuary, it would be their protection and away from any activity other than itself to be an elephant and live as such.


Creemos que Kindred Spirit Sanctuary, despite having little time, It is a clear example of ethics and respect both the animal and the environment, as its shares have goals with local families in the area also and the environment.

They are an organization that receives rave reviews from people who have had the pleasure to visit and work in their volunteer programs, and we believe deserve help from all of us to continue to expand its sanctuary and spread that respect animal ethical message to the world.


En el proyecto #objetivotailandia queremos hacer partícipes a todas las personas, associations and companies that are willing to collaborate. Collaboration can be economic, but also joint actions that can contribute a grain of sand to our goal.


All actions will be just between May 2018 to May 2019. After a trip to Thailand will be organized for delivery of funds to the Elephant Reserve (Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary) and organizing various activities for a week.


Whether you're a person, company or association have no place in our project. You can contribute in different ways:

  • financial contributions.
  • Creating projects in your company.
  • Raising awareness in your social networks.
  • with ideas.
  • Etc.

Ultimately putting a little bit of you, to create something great to help protect elephants in Thailand.