Through an integrated platform where they accommodate all projects that seek to improve the world through solidarity, sustainability and movement.

The pillars

Solidarity, sustainability and movement.

The attitude

Philosophy "move", to inspire people and businesses.

The change

A more united world, more sustainable, and moving.

MOVING TALK: Do we Reinventing PURPOSE?

We'll talk about these times you are playing live.
How do we deal with this situation the movers?
How do we face change?

With the participation of:

Yaiza Guimaré: actress and dancer.

Eduardo Galvan: Tourist guide.

Luciano Unloading Zodiac: photographer.

Karla Erauzkin: Creative content.

Claudia Auladell: biologist marina.

José Alberto Hernández: producer and entrepreneur.

Ruyman Trujillo: sports manager and director of expansion of Jungle Move.

He will lead the talk Carlos Armas, Moving journalist and moderator Talks.

Ongoing projects

    • The Bengal tiger – objective India 2020

      The Bengal tiger is one of the most endangered animals in the world. Only in recent 25 years its population halved. The danger to these cats was announced at the conference that gave the World Nature Fund (WWF / Adena) in Stockholm, in March the 2008. Currently there are only about 3500 Tigers released. In the 80s there were 70.000, and early '90s there were only 40.000. From Jungle Move, and with the collaboration of the Moving Planet, we want to contribute our bit to prevent the disappearance of this species, and therefore we will go to India in the summer 2020, to work directly with associations that ensure the conservation of the Bengal Tiger.
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